Early EMS Education

Sherri McAdam AEMT-P, Senior Paramedic

Our Mission

Studies have shown that young children have acted appropriately in emergency situations when provided with proper education. Our mission is to orient children to all aspects of an emergency situation and to alleviate any fears they may have with regards to emergency personnel, procedures and equipment.

Target Audience

Children in pre-kindergarten through 4th grade.


Ideally, only one class of 15 to 20 children would be educated at a time. Classes are approximately one hour in length.

Learning Objectives

Following these sessions the children should be able to:
  1. Dial 911 and report an emergency
  2. Remain calm and list some ways they can be helpful in an emergency
  3. Identify some basic emergency equipment
  4. Perform some basic life-saving procedures

Learning Activities

Pre-K and Kindergarten
  1. Interactive demonstrations of he following:
    a. BP cuff and stethoscope
    b. Oxygen administration
    c. Pulse oximetry
    d. Cervical collar and pedi-backboard
    e. Bandaging and splinting equipment

Grades 1-4
  1. Emergency skits using above equipment and teacher as victim
  2. Children help with equipment and procedures
  3. Practical tips on helping emergency providers on the scene


All children will be given handouts (eg. coloring books, etc.) to reinforce learning objectives.

Early EMS Education