NOVA provides Advance Life Support medical transportation to the Town of Clay and mutual aid areas. We respond to an average of 6,000 calls a year. In addition to a centrally located station, we post ambulances at Moyers Corners Fire Department stations one and three to allow for a rapid response to any location in our district.


NOVA deploys the latest technology to provide the best possible field treatment to our patients. NOVA utilizes some of the best gear available on the market today, including:

  • Stryker hydraulic stretchers
  • Lucas automated compression devices
  • Lifepack 15 monitors
  • Braun ambulances


During the day and high call volume times, NOVA posts ambulances at the Moyers Corners Fire Department stations throughout our coverage area to provide the most rapid response possible no matter where in our district the call may be. Given our district’s proximity to the local hospitals, our transport times are typically no more than 30 minutes.

Town of Clay